Thursday, May 26, 2011


peony season!
bryant park

i spent one late afternoon soaking up the sun at Bryant Park, and later in the evening took a walk around Central Park in the UWS with my roomie/photographer David. it was so beautiful out so we had to take advantage and snap some photos! naturally.  

have i ever mentioned i love new york?

3.1 phillip lim summer '11 top & shorts
ecote (chloe inspired) sandals - urban outfitteres
sunnies from 80's

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the fruits of my labor

my mouth is salivating from the succulence of spring's fruity ensembles!

so juicy.

fruit bugs! close enough.

Friday, May 20, 2011

le Pain Quotidien: a double entendre

judging from the irrationally inconsistent weather – warm, humid, breezy, and rainy – spring has definitely arrived and is here to stay. spring in the city is absolutely gorgeous. central park is greener than ever, every restaurant now has outdoor seating, and my favorite part: girls are opting for dresses. including me.

but before i get to the outfit of the hour, let's discuss the title of this post.

1. Le Pain Quotidien (translation: THE DAILY BREAD) – a boulangerie chain scattered throughout the city where you can find fresh-baked bread, french pasties, soups and such. when in doubt, carbs will always do the trick.

2. Le Pain Quotidien (fashion translation: THE DAILY WARDROBE NECESSITY) – simple, timeless pieces that can be worn wherever, whenever. i.e. a white, long cotton linen dress. when in doubt, keep it fresh n white.

all together now: i took a walk in my 'hood in the upper west side and had a sudden craving for some good ol' bread with some extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip. a visit to Le Pain and a local grocer got me exactly what i wanted. it's the littlest things that make me soo happy.

dress: zara
necklace: from my roommate Eric's collection
wing ring: f21
triple spike ring: noir
arty ovale ring: ysl
boots: dolce vita for urban outfitters
bread: le pain quotidien

and now for some more inspiration.

a recent purchase from opening ceremony!

have a beautiful weekend!

inspiration photos via ilovewildfox

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

REFINERY 29 RESERVE: these are a few of my favorite things

REFINERY 29 RESERVE is genius. simple as that.
it's shopping for everything you want; things that are brand spankin'-in-season-NEW but for half the price, specially chosen by R29 editors to get you exclusive deals on all your favorite brands.

this week on the RESERVE: 80's Purple and Loeffler Randall.

spend $50 and get $100 on... E V E R Y T H I N G.
mine mine mine
report signature bergen platform $198

nOir asymmetrical four-ting set, $96
matthew williamson wayfarers, $350

buy $100, get $200

LR x SUNO erin lace-up wedge, $645
ondine criss-cross flat, $325

so if these don't tickle your fancy (which is close to impossible), check back every week to see what new deal R29 Reserve has in store.

happy shopping!


on a drizzly sunday evening, i decided to take myself out on a date to see the film, L'amour Fou (2010), at the Paris Theatre on 58th and 5th Avenue. without seeing the trailer to this documentary, i expected it to be a chronicle of the late Yves Sant Laurent's career, but as the film began, i quickly realized it was so much more. narrated by Yves' lover/YSL co-founder/business partner of 50 years, Pierre Bergé, L'amour Fou (translation: Crazy Love), takes us behind-the-black-rim-glasses of the greatest couturier of our time, with an intimate tour of their many homes, including their chateau in Norway and Marrakech. Bergé talks about Yves' success, his stints of depression, and with clips from interviews past, we really get to see how close their relationship was.

in one interview in particular, Yves was asked: your favorite poet? He smiles and says: Pierre Bergé.

weaving through the film are clips of Yves and Pierre's art collection being boxed up and collected by Christie's – a decision that Pierre easily made to auction off their museum-worthy collection of art. the film ends with the grand auction at the Grand Palais in Paris, where Pierre sits and claps after each piece he and Yves hand-selected themselves gets sold (for upwards of  millions of Euros). it was bittersweet and heart wrenching.

i laughed and teared up a bit and in the end was greatly inspired. if it wasn't for the love and support of Pierre, would Saint Laurent have ever been the YSL we know him as today? not so sure. that's why i am counting my lucky stars for being where i am today, with the love and support from my family and friends.

the trailer for L'AMOUR FOU:

Friday, May 13, 2011

AFTER DARK, IN THE DAWN: a film by e.doan

AFTER DARK, IN THE DAWN from e r i c d o a n on Vimeo.

my boyfriend/roommate/eccentric enthusiast of fashion/creative mastermind (in his very ocd way), darling Eric Doan produced, filmed, and edited this eye candy motion editorial as a gift to me and our group of pals.
in february, Eric flew out seven of the girls to nyc to celebrate his 25th birthday, with a total of 11 of us cramped into a 500-square-foot apartment (with ONE bathroom), to spend time with one another and to shoot the scenes for the film. from prancing around in gowns in 20-degree weather on our rooftop, to rolling around in our apartment in our underwear, Eric was able to beautifully and artistically capture the core of each of our personalities.

albeit i was pretty camera shy, and slightly embarrassed of my own clip, i am still so proud to be a part of the video. and even thrilled to have this to look back on in 10 years, so i can say: dang. we looked damnnn cute.

love you E!


p.s. enjoy it! i know it's a little long but the music and editing and all the pretty people will make it worth your while.

p.p.s. link this or embed if you have your own blog!

thank you!



what i was wearing:

skirt: american apparel
knit top: 3.1 phillip lim
shoes: alexander wang
belt: h&m

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


BLONDE ON BLOND: ALK in a classic Chanel tweed suit, Cruise 2011/12
skittles by ZARA, April '11 lookbook
white blazer & pocket square, spotted by Garance Doré
Ash Olsen strolling NYC in head-to-toe Row
Poppy's shrunken CHANEL suit
i am loving the resurgence of ladylike clothing. the classic suit may be aging to some, but with the right coloring (color blocking -- SO spring), i say that the right blazer/trouser pairing should be the newest (and totally upgraded) uniform for us young working girls.

gone are the days we rely on leggings and an oversized tee to express our lack-of creativity for day wear. at this day and age, and with such graspable runway looks for off-the-runway-prices (a la Zara, et al), any career girl can channel her inner Coco Chanel or Kate Hepburn or Annie Hall. personally, when i throw on a blazer and sleek pants, i tend to stand taller and mind my overall look a little more than usual. poised and polished!

someone once told me, "DRESS FOR THE PART YOU WANT."
and my dear friend Edward Wulf always lived by the mantra:"GOOD CLOTHES OPEN ALL DOORS."



because somebody is always watching.

photos via chanelnews, knighttcat, garancedore, stylecaster, nitrolicious