Thursday, April 15, 2010

legs: OPEN WIDE!

this just in - flared/wide legs are back! after these past couple years of stovepipe, ultra skinny, cut-off-circulation-to-your-feet spandex jeans, I'm glad to finally see that the more flattering shape for bottoms are trickling back into people's closets. actually, they have never really ever left mine. i was always a fan of wide legged and/or boyfriend jeans because frankly I'm a little on the shorter side and unless I wear tall shoes, skinny jeans just doesn't look quite right.

according to derek lam, "the flared pant looks fresh, and they make legs look like they go on forever."

glad I held on to my high waisted wide leg Citizens! topped off with a cute, fitted bodysuit, this new tall and slim silhouette will do my not so tall and slim silhouette gooood..


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