Wednesday, May 5, 2010

fashion's WEEK out (aka FNO x6)

following the success of last year's FASHION'S NIGHT OUT (a night where stores are open late with celebs & designers crawling around town in support of SHOPPING!), the bosses of fashion have decided to take it GLOBAL. no, this will not be a week-long event in each city around the world, but will be an event jumping from one city to another.

the schedule is as follows:

Sept. 7: France
Sept. 8: Britain & Korea
Sept. 9: Australia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain
Sept. 10: India, Russia, U.S.
Sept. 11: China, Japan, Taiwan
Sept. 16: Greece & Turkey

I say we petition to hold one somewhere in LA/OC! who's with me!?

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