Monday, June 7, 2010

o.m.g. y.s.l.

i was finally able to watch SATC II over the weekend. and from the previews i had a feeling it wasnt going to be up to par with the first (which i've watched about 22 times already). i mean, im all for the attitude of 'i am woman, here me roar"..but with this movie, replace the roar with bore or snore or utterly dissappointing! you get the jist.

however, i did feast my eyes on these amazing YSL earrings that i NEED to get my hands on. i believe it was samantha (my fav) who wore them in the movie.

then i remembered the YSL Tribute Double Platform pumps i've been drooling over for months but have yet to snag. siiigh. you're still on my list, no doubt about that!

and another beauty, a bolder more dramatic beauty. the ysl Imperiale Court pumps.

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