Tuesday, July 20, 2010



Miu Miu Fall 2010 RTW

a common thread (or may i say applique) between the upcoming August issues of W, Elle, & BritishVogue ? a one very dainty and ornately decorated Miu Miu dress from its fall rtw collection.

this is either a major fashion faux pas or the workings of the most brilliant in-house publicist to ever work at a couturier. now, obviously the three covers aren't EXACTLY the same - both eva and freja are wearing the tangerine, while lily got to model a fancier version made from lilac lace. either way, miuccia must be completely thrilled.

a magazine cover is like the display window at selfridges, or harrods, or bendels - so close you can almost imagine yourself wearing it, but then you hit your face on the glass and realize something so gorgeous is completely unattainable. ..

via ny mag


  1. This is a publicist's dream :). I worked in fashion PR and we'd send samples everywhere and once or twice this happens, but it is very rare. Nice blog Anna!

  2. hi B! i've had my hand in fashion pr as well, and this was for suuure the workings of a fab publicist. but it's not like miumiu needed any MORE press. :)

    thanks for stopping by! do you have a blog?