Sunday, July 4, 2010

get booted

ZOE boots by SAM EDELMAN. as nastygal states "they're back. lusted over, blogged to death, and a rare find." and what a hunt it was. i searched for them across the states after seeing a friend of mine rocking it while in nyc earlier this year. they were either sold out, out of my size or wayy too expensive (ebay was selling them for a hefty premium). after being released a few years ago, it has doubled in price! needless to say, these boots are definitely a HAUTE COMMODITY.

and upon browsing thru some of my favorite sites (as i do every couple of days) for new goodies, the zoes magically appeared at nastygal and for alot less than how much i copped them for. now contemplating if i should purchase another pair and stowe them away until my current ones wear out.

they may not be the BALENCIAGAS but for a fraction of the originals, im more than satisfied :)

zoe boots vs the original balenciaga boots

zoes on me (thanks ed!). ridiculously comfortable. harness can be removed for a softer, less edgy but just as awesome look.


  1. Hi there!
    I"m so excited these are back in stock..would you say they are true to size?

  2. hi nhi! yes, they run pretty true to size. luckily they come in half sizes too so grab the size you usually get!

    hope you get 'em! they're to die for!!