Wednesday, August 4, 2010


September is the January in the world of fashion.

here's to a fabulous new year!

jennifer aniston as barbara streisand
kate's THIRTIETH cover @ british vogue
mary kate olsen workin' the military look
rachel bilson!
& drew..

serious barnes&noble + starbucks session in a couple weeks. can't wait!


  1. Jennifer A's kinda weirds me out. I for sure dig MK's but a lil less photoshop would've been awesome. But for sure am in love with Miss Moss' cover, 30th is a charm! Haha. Can't wait to see what else rolls through come september.

  2. I loved the Marie Claire issue with mary-kate on the cover. The editorials are gorgeous :]

  3. @ R. Gratz - Jen and Barb is kinda kookie but i kinda love it! and yeah..too much photoshop=no bueno. love september issues!!

    @ Rach - MK ANYTHING is ah-maz-ing.