Sunday, October 17, 2010

b. lively

i remember a few years back my little sis raving about some new tv show that she was addicted to -- gossip girl. i saw a glimpse of it while surfing the tube but rolled my eyes to the idea of young girls and their immature repertoires and vowed never to get sucked in. present day, (well a couple of weeks back) and i am seriously sucked in and stuck! it was accidently added to my netflix queue! i've only seen most of season one and although some parts make me turn away, frown and grunt at the catty things they do...but i gotta admit, i've happily jumped onto the S+B bandwagon.

ironically, after watching the first couple of episodes, i saw an amazing picture of Blake Lively (Serena) in a stunning Antonio Berardi peek-a-boo zipper dress paired with Elizabeth and James heels. perfect!

i think i have a crush.

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