Thursday, October 14, 2010


Following the throwback to 1950s housewife glamour from Marc Jacobs' Louis Vuitton collection and Prada, it is most certain that the ladylike look is back and here to stay. Maybe Mrs. Cleaver and our beloved Lucy Ricardo had it right all along. What's sexier than a cinched waist, a perfectly pinned-up boufant, a pair of red lips, and some kitten-heeled pumps? All the above, MINUS kitten heels.

I'm going to say this now (and not make a retraction about this statement later) that KITTEN HEELS are not the cat's meow. No other shoe can be more unflattering. Flats or high heels -- pick a side and stay there. While reading through the latest Harper's Bazaar, I stumbled across an article entitled "The Return of Kitten Heels" by Anamaria Wilson. Here, she promptly states that she is very petite and lives in her high heels. But, in the name of some serious investigative journalism, she decides to take on the new mini-heel trend by walking the streets of NYC; what a brave, brave girl.

Even after stepping out in a pair of Giambattista's and McCartney's, Wilson said "with the kittens, I looked like a banker or a hostess or a secretary. In other words: boring." Read the rest of her shoe-capades and find that she actually gives in and says she fell in love with some classic Louboutins. I bet you anything that was the last time she ever wore kitten heels.

Anna dello Russo may love them. Anna Wintour may walk to every fashion show in them. But this Anna will have to say, pass the five-inch wedge.

 AdR in studded Valentino's

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  1. & then i wore semi kitten heels to your LOCALE event LOL !!! i liked the big bow in the front lol