Wednesday, October 27, 2010

that little grey sweater

activewear as ready-to-wear has been very apparent the last few seasons. we've seen slouchy sweatpants replacing leggings, heels have rubber spike soles for better walking traction, striped over-the-knee tube socks are slightly sexy now (thanks to the heels-with-socks trend), and then there's my favorite – the ubiquitous grey crew neck sweatshirt.

what was considered a raggedy, warm sweater you wear to sleep has now become the go-to staple to dress down a too-fancy look. the way that it's not form-fitting, the way it slouches, the way it fits just like your man's but better, the way the grey just goes with just about everything in your closet – this understated piece has infinite possibilities.

wear it with sequins, pair it with leather shorts. pile on chunky, sparkly necklaces, while you roll up the sleeves. rock it long as a mini dress over your favorite colored stockings, or cropped with high-waisted trousers or a maxi skirt.

if i can wear my Cheap Monday crew every day, i would. ..with black liquid leggings and any one of my booties/wedges. i'm a sucker for comfortwear.

some photos just to give you some ideas:

Dries Van Noten and 3.1 Philip Lim

 braided by Bodkin
 looks from Zara

 Sasha + a leather jkt
 leather shorts, decorated shoulders, & cropped
 ClĂ©mence & sequins

Ashley Olsen + headband + leather leggings + YSL Tribs + a GREY SWEATER! = front-row chic at the Chanel show. 

effortless and timeless, the way everything oughta be!


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