Wednesday, January 19, 2011


on january 13, 2011 i flew to new york where i celebrated my 24th birthday and the beginning of a new chapter in my life. i know, sounds so 'dear diary', but i am really excited about the next month. i uprooted myself from sunny southern california and nestled into my interim apartment on the upper west side with three lovely men (ooh lalaaa), in hopes of making my dreams of landing an amazing writing or styling job at a new york publication come true. fingers crossed, wish me good luck! i have one month. starting..tomorrow.

week one was spent in VACATION MODE. no trolling for jobs just yet. instead i reacquainted myself with the city and its suburbs and subway system, walked about 1,000 miles, and ate about 100,000 calories.

here's a little photo diary of the adventures of anna tran ..

me with my fur. because it simply would not fit in my suitcase.
birthday cake @ milk
@ ACE HOTEL: reunited & it feels soo good! with eric, my love & new roommate...with gift in hand :)
a vintage suede/leopard shawl from INA, where he works
let's hear it for new york
u.o tunic, elizabeth & james cardigan, rich & skinny jeans, dolce vita booties
with my old colleague, justin, from riviera. now a new yorker, of Hermes.
THE DELIGHTS IN LIFE! this is what it's all about.
miss moss
late night birthday dinner @ cafeteria

ramen & pork buns @ ippudo.
i had to get my cupcake fix for the day
welcome to topshop
whole butt. yes, you read it right. i love momofuku!
one epic dining experience
oh, hey terry
legendary cheesecake @ veniero's
a very white central park
such a lelove moment. two joggers who happen to be very happy to see each other. <3
this lady on Madison looked so fierce, but was a little caught off guard when i snapped this photo of her!
the steps @ the Met
fresh flowers @ dean & deluca
sophia needs to fly here to j.crew bridal. such a gorgeous boutique! if not, vera wang'll do.
i'd get married in this!
handcrafted in brooklyn, ny. this surface was once part of a bowling lane.
shake shack!
on my way to the tradeshows in Chelsea, i bumped into THE HUMBERTO LEON, founder of OPENING CEREMONY. i introduced myself and asked him for a job. ;)
OC on Howard, SoHo
tagliatelle @ Bianca
"i just realized the error of my ways." -- i love finding random quotes tagged all around the city!

concrete jungle where dreams are made of?

let's just see about that.

to be continued ...


  1. This is just wonderful! You're really getting out there and risking it in the NYC. What a dream. Inspiring. Can't wait to live through your lens in the next post! Good Luck too:)

  2. aw looks like you had a fabulous trip!

  3. what a fabulous post. good luck sis! and find me a Wang!!

  4. Hi Anna! I love your pics! It looks like you had a great time in NY!

    I'm doing a readers and their Balenciaga bags feature and would love to have a pic of you in it. If you want to, please forward me a pic at Thanks so much!!! -Jen

  5. Hope you had an amazing time in New York. The photos + food looks incredible. I'm falling for your fur jacket! It looks so warm and soft.

    P.S. I would steal all that cheesecake if given the opportunity haha.

  6. I love your Balenciaga-bag!

    x Krizia

  7. thanks Krizia! i kinda love my B-bag too ;)