Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NYLON JUNE/JULY MUSIC ISSUE: Fashion News, stylist's assistant

and on the FASHION side, i was lucky enough to assist stylist Christina Saratsis with putting together the wardrobe for Fashion News: 2 models, 8 stories, 10 outfits, a 12-hour day of shooting in Brooklyn, and a final 8-page spread in the June/July issue.

I had the best time assisting, but my favorite part of all this is...that I get credited in very very small print at the bottom of every page.

tiny victories :)

1. PATTERN PLAY: Catarina Gatta's iconic prints
2. GOTTA HAVE SHADE: Ray Ban's new double-take on the classic aviator
3. WILD CHILD: do-good dresses by Autumn Adeigbo

4. WORK IT OUT: Dr. Martin's first clothing collection

5. DRESS YOU UP: A conversation with the new face of Material Girl (Madonna's daughter's line), Kelly Osbourne
6. SHOE-IN: blinded by Verlain brogues

7. Jeans of the Month - McQ: low-rise is on the rise...again!
8. CARVEN (I forgot to pull the PDF of the actual page from the mag, but the behind-scenes photo will suffice): the revival of an old, beloved brand.

stylist's assistant: anna tran.

[behind the scenes]

model in mcqueen
clothed by Carven
the team!

pick up the newest issue of NYLON to see these beautiful babies up close and personal.


  1. congrats Anna!! keep up the good work!!! <3

  2. Wow! Congratulations!!! I'm so jealous. I'd KILL to be a fashion assistant for even just one shoot. These pages look fabulous! Great job!

  3. I have this issue! I'll look for your name
    xx Allie

  4. Wow! I wish I could do that! What a great experience!! Great job!

  5. thank you girls! i really appreciate the support :)

  6. I love her hair!!

    Congrats :)